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Beautiful thermo bottles by Aquaovo! Love these borosilicate vessels that not only maintain optimal temperature but make beverages look mighty attractive.

From Tungsten Customs, the Oak Block Lamp. Available at Ahalife.con

I always enjoy blogging about Bec Britain. Her work deserves much merit for its ever expanding exploration into geometry and nature. These brass claws holding an illuminated glass jewel are so alluring to look at. The ombre fade of the colored glass calls to a memory of a sunset on the beach and crabs crawling with their multi-jointed legs in the sand to watch another night ingest into the belly of the sky. This piece is called the Vise Globe. Available in multiple finishes to add that extra needed kick for your eclectic or modern space.

(Source: becbrittain.com)

Yowzers! Leave it to Roman & Williams to design this luxurious and sexy x-based lounger called the Reader Chair. Its safari meets mid-century modern materials and craftsmenship with the use of the solid walnut & brass hardware. What is most appreciable about this design is how the construction of the legs integrates the support of the arm rests which utilizes the already strong and chunky legs without having to add another solid entity to the mix. The tension of the strap is a nice touch. An extremely beautiful and sophisticated way to read.

(Source: romanandwilliams.com)

The Modo Desk Lamp by Designer Jason Miller. Produced by Roll & Hill. Loving the proportions and cute weight of the bulb supported by that thin and minimal stem. Glass and machined aluminum.

The Modo Desk Lamp by Designer Jason Miller. Produced by Roll & Hill. Loving the proportions and cute weight of the bulb supported by that thin and minimal stem. Glass and machined aluminum.

(Source: mattermatters.com)

Say hello to the gorgeous new ceramic tile collection from Ceramica Colli making its debut at Italy’s tile show this season. Since reclaimed wood can only produce a certain life without traffic taking its toll, tile mavens are taking it to the next level by creating high res graphics on ceramic to get the look! The collection is stunning and makes any wall or floor the perfect surface to wow your peers.

This showstopper is the custom design for airport Food Court Estacao Viana in Portugal by Movecho. The beautiful integrated furniture design is smart and mutlifunctional. Not only does it serve the purpose of being furniture for living and traveling but it serves a larger purpose of defining the term less is more. Or in this case, more of what you need in less parts. I love that the circular seating unit has an integrated pendant lamp. This construction decision makes it feel like a pod allowing for seating and lighting not only at its core but on its perimeter as well. An elegant installation that makes a space within a space amidst a large airport terminal.

(Source: movecho.pt)

Loving the powder coated stainless steel landscape furniture from Kirv of Cuckfield, England! These strong voluminous forms that sweep and swirl like a river’s current evoke a fun movement for any static or utilitarian environment.  Whether placed in groupings or as a feature piece, you can be sure these will leave people fighting for a chance to share its quarters.

(Source: kirv.co.uk)

Seeking to be the new leader in sustainable and environmentally friendly wood with longer durability and eliminate the toxicological actions in the usual manufacturing process is Kebony!Kebony is a Norwegian company that prides in a wood product that is more durable and more dimensionally stable using responsible production methods and biowaste materials versus harmful impregnation methods. Rather than deplete the resource of wood it is within Kebony’s best interest to revolutionize it.

Above is one of Pavilion Architecture’s projects, Kreod, London. Kreod is an organic, architectural sculpture inspired by nature that resembles honeycomb pods. These interlocking hexagons create an enclosed Eco-friendly exhibition structure that glows from within through its forward thinking Kebony wood material.

(Source: kebony.com)

Wow! A cake makers dream, this is the Bake me a cake Lamp by Northern Lighting, Norway. This adorable light capsule with bulb and closter cover is a precious expression of light as a delicacy. I mean, what could be sweeter than than the invention of light itself? If not for light, the way in which we see colors and textures would be non-existent! So next time you place your order for that custom cake, make sure to order the Fila-‘mint’ flavor! Oak and glass never looked so scrumptious!

(Source: northernlighting.no)

This incredible beauty is called the Slow Sofa by Frederik Roije, Holland. The lines of this sofa create a wonderful balance of positive and negative space. It’s structurally light shape, modular configurations and masculine contoured edges give this sofa series a real edge! Sofa design is not easy and requires a designer with a refined touch to take something that is cumbersome and make it an elegant, comfortable and functional item.

(Source: roije.com)

So much fun! This is called the Colliding Tables and is a controlled collision of seven different tables. As each table dies into the next, a new  angle, color and texture is born. It holds a deeper meaning and it is this: In life we come together from different places and perspectives but this doesn’t mean we cannot be part of each other to support and inspire. Tjep really hits it home in saying that although we come from different walks of life that we are still “coming together to form something new and powerful.” It is poetic and refreshing to see such a deep meaning behind such a daring showpiece.

(Source: store.tjep.com)

If Bread is what you want, then Bread is what you’ll get! That’s the stance at least this company took promoting product honesty in the Schiphol Airport Lounge 3. The design was realized by Dutch design firm, Tjep in collaboration with Benthem and Crouwel Architects. What better than a huge display inspired by the beautiful product itself! Behold, its massive bread wall and easy idea was inspired by the antique Dutch Windmills crafted of massive Ash wood planks and beams. A true beauty for any savvy traveler looking for a simple snack experienced in a unique way.

(Source: tjep.com)

Its a seat, its a bollard, its a seat bollard! Well I’ll be damned.. this is one mighty attractive piece of landscape furniture. With its rubber seat construction and discreetly lit base, the combo creates a wonderful reflective light that glows from within. This is called the Robber by TAL, Belgium.

(Source: tal.be)

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